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Co-production of Climate Services for East Africa

Horizon 2020 project 2020–2024 

CONFER is an EU-funded research project focusing on climate adaptation through co-production of Climate Services in East Africa. Our main objective is to co-develop dedicated climate services for the water, energy and food security sectors with stakeholders and end-users, to enhance their ability to plan for and adapt to seasonal climate fluctuations. With the help of statistical and machine learning tools, we want to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting in the region, in order to reduce impact associated with extreme weather. 

Latest news

CATER aims to foster world-leading transdisciplinary cooperation for mutual learning between African and European contexts, and building leadership and confidence for participants.  

Training Partners: Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), University of Augsburg (UNiA), and University of Calabria (UniCal).

This policy brief seeks to share the CONFER project's findings with key stakeholders and potential users through disseminating results and ensuring accessibility to developed tools.

Our new paper presents an innovative approach that promises predictability and enhanced skill of the onset of the rainy season over the Great Horn of Africa.

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