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Co-production of Climate Services for East Africa

Horizon 2020 project 2020–2024 

CONFER is an EU-funded research project focusing on climate adaptation through co-production of Climate Services in East Africa. Our main objective is to co-develop dedicated climate services for the water, energy and food security sectors with stakeholders and end-users, to enhance their ability to plan for and adapt to seasonal climate fluctuations. With the help of statistical and machine learning tools, we want to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting in the region, in order to reduce impact associated with extreme weather. 

Latest news

The sixth Foundational Climate Prediction Training Workshop for ICPAC Member States forecasters kicked off on Monday, November 13, 2023, at ICPAC offices

In the picturesque backdrop of Kongoni, Kenya, the NORCE-led CATER Schools programme is embarking on its inaugural annual event. Bringing together twelve

The three-day gathering, held from September 18 to 21, 2023, served as a platform for in-depth discussions on several core aspects of the project's work.

The research brings a new dimension towards improving seasonal rainfall forecasts over the Greater Horn of Africa by employing sub-selecting ensemble members from seasonal prediction system.

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