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The 57th Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum

These days the 57th edition of the GHACOF is organised virtually by our main African partner ICPAC. The main event takes place tomorrow, but last week and on Monday and Tuesday this week, a large contingent of CONFER team members have been active in different meetings with stakeholders in East Africa.

On Monday, eight parallel session on co-production of climate services were organised, and in most of these, one or more CONFER project participants took part. Since this is our first GHACOF, we were there mainly to observe and learn, but later on in the project the GHACOFs will be an extremely important venue for us to meet stakeholders and potential end users of the climate services that we’ll be developing.

Today, there were seven parallel sectoral meetings to co-produce seasonal advisories for the region served by ICPAC. Our PI Erik took part in the meeting for the Water Resources and Energy sectors, along with more than 40 other participants. It offered a very interesting snapshot of the current information needs in different parts of East Africa.

Tomorrow, the main GHACOF event will take place, and Erik and our work package leader for co-production Marta Bruno Soares will present our project and more specifically our aims and methods when it comes to co-production. We look forward to this important event!