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GHACOF59: Climate Services for Resilience

This week, the 59th Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum is taking place. The forum takes place three times a year and the seasonal forecast for the following three months is presented. Just like the last GHACOF, this one will be digital on Zoom, with events running from 24 to 26 August. The theme of the forum is “Climate Services for Resilience”.

The GHACOF was preceded by a climate prediction development workshop, from 16 to 20 August, for climate experts from NMHSs. Next week, there will also be co-production workshops on 24 and 25 August.

On 26 August, the seasonal forecast for October to December (OND) will be presented. In the East African region, this season is called the “short rains”, and therefore this forecast is particularly important for farmers and agricultural workers.

The GHACOF59 will bring together climate scientists, researchers, users from key socio-economic sectors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, development partners, decision-makers, and civil society stakeholders among others. CONFER is very much looking forward to participating in this forum.

CONFER is supporting the design and development of the co-production session that take place on the Day 1 of GHACOF 59. This session is supported across ICPAC sectors including Agriculture and Food Security, Disaster Risk Management, Environment and Forestry, Water and Energy, Media, Health, Conflict Early Warning and Livestock and Rangelands. Key issues discussed and explored during the GHACOF 59 co-production session includes the use of existing ICPAC products in the 11 countries across Eastern Africa, and opportunities to improve these products and develop new products to meet decision needs. CONFER is also supporting the effort to expand the user network and engagement beyond the co-production session.

Read more about the GHACOF59 and check out the program here.