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September 2021

Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S): Why is it great for resilience?

The C3S Climate Data Store provides data about the climate system and is widely used around the globe, especially in Europe. Seasonal forecasts are one of the products that are published on the Climate Data Store and CONFER makes use of these for research on how to improve climate services in East Africa. This article will explain a bit about how Copernicus works and why it is great for countries in the region to access this kind of data for resilience. 

Meet our Experts: Stefan Lines

Stefan is one of the leaders of WP4, which is focused on the training and capacity building part of CONFER. They work with people in the region, providing training in interpreting and applying climate services in a way that benefits and supports resilience against inter-annual variability. One of the people working to design these training events is Stefan.

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Co-production in Climate Services: What, Why, and How?

What does co-production mean? Just by looking at the word, one can probably tell that it has something to do with producing something as well as cooperating. But how does it work? What is being produced? By whom? And for whom? These are important questions to answer in any project, and this article will answer them for CONFER and discuss the notion of co-production. Why is it important, and how is it done in practice?