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GHACOF61: Anticipatory Action for Climate Resilience

The conference brings together key climate stakeholders from the region, working to develop climate services for sustainable development. It also provides individuals and organizations with an opportunity to showcase innovations to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The theme of the conference is “Anticipatory Action for Climate Resilience”.

Forum Objectives

 Review the impact of the March – May (MAM)2022 season

▪ Present the regional forecast for the June – September (JJAS) 2022 season

▪ Present JJAS 2022 expected impacts of the forecast and advisories for key sectors in
each country

▪ Provide a regional interaction platform for decision makers, climate scientists,
research scientists, users of climate information, and development partners

▪ Release the forum outcomes and GHACOF 61 statement

Working groups to co-produce climate services and advisories will take place in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture and food security
  • Disaster risk management
  • Water and energy
  • Livestock and rangelands
  • Health
  • Environment and forests
  • Conflict early warning
  • Climate change
  • Media and communications

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