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Synergy building for NMHS and stakeholders based in Kenya and Tanzania on climate information and services

Thursday marked to the end of a four-day synergy-building workshop attended by NMHSs, media, policy makers, the private sector, civil society, and other relevant stakeholders in the climate services value chain in Kenya and Tanzania.

The training, from December 5th – 8th, brought together over 40 participants in roundtable discussions and collaborations in the sectors at ICPAC and KMD offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

Additionally, it sought to improve understanding and enhance the use and uptake of the ICPAC climate products and tools (e.g., the East Africa Hazards Watch, the East Africa Drought Watch) and their position in the climate services value chain in monitoring hazards for different sectors in the two countries. 

With the region being highly dependent on rain-fed agriculture and its high vulnerability to climate change, it is paramount to build synergy across the climate services value chain, to enhance the uptake and use of weather and climate information in decision-making at all levels. 

The workshop was organized by CONFER and supported by NORCAP.