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Report on Synergy Building in weather and climate: Partnership between NMHs, Policy makers, Media, and Private sector in East Africa

This  report  provides  an  overview  of  the  training  and  capacity  building  activities  under  Work Package  4 (WP4)  of  the  CONFER  project,  regarding  outcomes  and  recommendations,  as  well  as  contribution  to 
achieving  CONFER’s  objectives.  It  provides  insights  into  the  training  workshops  conducted  aimed  at  promoting  the  co-production  of  climate  services  for  enhanced  and  sustainable  management of  water 
resources  and  energy,  and  food  security  in  East  Africa. 

The  workshops,  held  from  June  2022  to  March  2023,  aimed  to  foster  collaboration  among  crucial  climate  service  stakeholders,  including  National  Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHs), policymakers, media, and the private sector to improve  weather and climate information services.  

The  training  workshops  targeted  ten  countries  in  the  region,  namely  Sudan,  South  Sudan,  Ethiopia, Uganda,  Kenya, Tanzania,  Djibouti, Somalia,  Rwanda, and Burundi,  with sessions  being  held in  Uganda,  Sudan,  Kenya,  Djibouti,  and  Rwanda. 

The  workshops  brought  together  experts and  stakeholders  from  countries  based  on  shared  languages  to  enhance  engagement  and  interaction.  Overall,  the  training  workshops  empowered  100  journalists  and  60  meteorological  experts,  policymakers,  and  the  private  sector, selected by their national institutions. They addressed the user needs identified through the WP1  survey and GHACOF 60.

The  training  workshops  covered  various  topics  designed  to  help  participants  access,  interpret, and  translate climate information across languages; and promoted collaboration and co-production of climate information  services  in East Africa. For instance, participants received  guidance on  using climate information to  enhance  their  work  in  different  sectors,  including  water  resources  management, energy  planning, DRM, and food production.

Download the report here