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Upscaling Regional Hydro-Meteorological Modeling Over East Africa 

The CONFER project envisions a legacy of new and improved climate services for East Africa. 

Based on an in-depth user needs assessment, flood hazard and streamflow forecasts are critical indicators for early warning and resource management.  

Initial benchmark results from rigorous streamflow analysis on catchment level provide the application of WRF-Hydro for streamflow forecasting over Tana and Nzoia basins in Kenya. 

This milestone was achieved through close collaboration between KIT and ICPAC hydrology experts who co-developed upscaled WRF-Hydro for regional applications, which will be assessed during the upcoming short-rains season.  

This achievement will further strengthen ICPAC’s lead in early warning, providing crucial information to mitigate the impact of re-current flood hazards in the GHA.