Seasonal Forecasting in Africa: Q&A With Climate Scientists

Seasonal forecasts are key for resilience. They allow us to plan early and reduce the impacts of extreme weather events, increasingly frequent under a changing climate. 

This webinar aims at demystifying Seasonal forecasts by allowing participants to submit any type of question they might have associated with seasonal forecasting. Why are seasonal forecasts important? How should we use them? Are they reliable? Are they used widely for planning in Africa? 

This Webinar is part of a series of Webinars organized by EU Horizon2020 projects, namely DOWN2EARTH, CONFER and FOCUS-AFRICA. This Webinar series aims to improve understanding and engagement with climate services in Africa.


Teferi Demissie (CONFER)
Roberto Buizza (FOCUS-Africa)
Maurine Ambani (DOWN2EARTH)